Those Way-Cool and Waterproof Polymer Ukuleles
The Lisa  -  Kinda ugly, huh...
The Maccaferri Islander (Semi-Deluxe)
The Rare Pearl Version of the Islander
The ISLANDER Series by Mario Maccaferri
The FLAMINGO Ukulele (Available in White or Brown !)
My Islander (Standard)
Islander Semi-Deluxe
Deluxe & Ukette
Islander Deluxe
The Mastro (Maccaferri) T.V. PAL
Photo: Ukulele Diner
Photo: Ukulele Diner
Photo: Ukulele Diner
A New Clear Uke by Makana DeLovio
From the man who brought you the plastic clothespin (and Django's favorite axe), the Islander was intended as a serious instrument, priced for the masses, rather than a mere toy.  Highly praised by the likes of Arthur Godfrey.
This chief competitor to the Islander was endorsed by Arthur Godfrey. Flamingos came in your choice of off-white or marbelized brown... and were sometimes equipped with a pitch pipe attached to the headstock (too cool!). Manufactured by Emenee.
Don't have a clue as to the manufacturer of this nasty little item...  Definitely not a Maccaferri product...  No zero fret.  If you know anything about this one, drop me an email, or leave word in the guest book.
Another product of the fertile imagination of Mario Maccaferri... produced by his Mastro Co.  A lower cost cousin of the Islander series.  Intended as an Arthur Godfrey signature model until the endorsement deal went south. The partial face on the head-stock bears a passing resemblance to Mr. Godfrey, don't you think?
OOOOOOOH... AAAAAAAAH...  I've gotta try one of these Makana Mele creations.
If anyone out there has played one, please leave your opinion in the guest book
Stay tuned! More petrochemical products to come...
The GOLDEN Banjo Uke
A little something for the George Formby enthusiasts out there.
Manufactured by Emenee... Second cousin to the Flamingo
and the Electric Tenor Model...
The Carnival Ukulele
Another prolific producer of plastics, Carnival may have manufactured the largest variety of theme ukes.  In the late 1960's Mario Maccaferri sold his plastic instrument business, along with many of his molds, to Carnival.
Photo: Trip
Photo: Trip
Mastro cashes in on the British Invasion...
Emenee cashes in on the Zorro craze...
The Islander Baritone Ukulele
Another serious plastic instrument by Mario Maccaferri
The Mauna Loa Ukulele
I'm betting this came out of the same factory as the LISA above...
peghead shape, impressed logo, metal tuners are nearly identical
The FIN-DER Ukulele
Another relative of the Mauna Loa and the Lisa?
manufactured in San Diego, California (like me!)
Playtune Ukulele by Maccaferri
Miscellaneous Plastic Ukes... Info Forthcoming
Carnival Banjo Ukulele
Looks like a weatherproof version of the Gretsch Camp Uke
My newly-aquired Smurfulele
(one of the stranger items from the collection of the late Mike Longworth)