and whatever else strikes my fancy...
Some of my wood ukes
(A mixed bag of images that don't fit anywhere else....  humor me)
Most of my banjo ukes
...and the rear view
A relic of my misspent youth...
My original Rhinoceros Snot guitar, an Epiphone Casino I've had since 1965
My main acoustic, a Martin
00-21 I've had since 1977
Rhinoceros Snot plays San Diego's 200th birthday celebration, 1969
Left to Right:  Bruno; Stromberg-Voisinet; J.E. Dallas George Formby Model B; J.E. Dallas George Formby Model A
(...and one plastic Islander)
Some guitar photos...  forgive me
The Dallas Model B before restoration...
The Dallas Model A before restoration...
My baby... a  Curly Koa Soprano by Dave Means, Glyph Custom Ukuleles
( Click on the photo to see three pages of "in-progress" shots of this uke being crafted )
The latest adoptee, a well-worn Harmony Roy Smeck Vita-Uke