A pictorial tribute to the Harmony Ukulele of Chicago
The Humble Harmony Uke
Photo: robert - founder
Harmony Decals Through The Decades
The Harmony Roy Smeck Vita Series
An old stenciled Harmony from my small arsenal
...Somebody coaxed a lot of tunes from it in it's day
...The same model in near-mint condition
Not-so-humble Harmony "Celebrity" Instruments
(The "Vita Uke" is obscured in the center background)
The Johnny Marvin Professional "Tenor"
(Actually a concert-size)
Some Harmony Uke Ads...
circa 1950's-60's
One of the earliest labels
20's - 30's
The last of the Chicago labels
??? I've only seen one like this
(on an old  green "Palm Tree" uke)
circa 1950's
A couple of visions in green
The oft-repeated Palm Tree motif
The Harmony Roy Smeck Concert Uke
Photos: Elderly Instruments
Some variations on the "Diamond H" theme
Very early (20's - 30's ???) - Gold oval - red and white border with stylized garland at top Black printing - "HARMONY" - "MADE BY THE HARMONY COMPANY" - "CHICAGO. U.S.A."

Late 40's (perhaps) has black lettering against gold back ground, with no border. Gold background "shadows" the text - "Harmony - CHICAGO U.S.A."

Late 40's??? - Early 50's - A symmetrical decal with cream colored back ground bordered in shaded green with a "ribbon like" format. Black lettering, on the cream - "Harmony" - "made by" - On the bottom of the green trim - "The Harmony Company" - "Chicago U.S.A."

50's - In the symmetrical decal described above, in the cream colored field, below "Harmony" - "made by" is removed and "reg. u.s. pat. office no 627412 is added.

50's - 60's???? In the symmetrical decal described, just above, in the cream colored field, below "Harmony" - "made in the U.S.A." was added.

50's???? - 60's ????? - An asymmetrical decal, with same coloring (cream/green) as those other cream/green (above), and all of the black text as with previous above. The design of the decal reminds one of a watermelon seed (different color of course) exiting stage left at great speed. Tapered. Very modern.
A summary of Harmony Label Styles
robert - founder
(from the archives of
Chuck Fayne's Uke Yak)
circa late 1940's
Another stenciled wonder...
I've been told that this model was marketed to school music programs...
(I guess that would explain the notes). I wonder if they made one for the "other" tuning
(actually a short-scale soprano at 12-15/16ths inch scale length)
...thanks Soybean!
Photo: robert - founder
The "Prince of Wales"
a Johnny Marvin Professional Tenor in koa