I'll be using this page to post photos of various oddball ukes, oddball uke players (no such thing, right?) and anything else that strikes me as ODD in the world of the Jumping Flea
(ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION Come back often for updates)
i was cruzin' flea market's bb, and thought you might like a 'critter uke'... it's a monkey pod salad bowl i got on ebay for $8, and went crazy for 2.5 months. the monkey eyes are garnet, the turtle's are sapphire... i'm not a 'luthier', i just have million dollar hands and a 10 cent brain... the monkey is there so 'you can touch my monkey'.... it has a stunner voice, loud 'n sweet. this wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the santa cruz uke club, they feed on insanity....
A jewel from old mean smelly maddog...
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and just when you thought it was safe... Another uke from  maddog:
(17" tenor, Baggs hex pickups and micro eq. The teeth are ivory, the wood is mahogany, walnut, and carbon fiber. Color is dyes, wax-free pastels, and lacquer.)
Ukehorn built by Doctor Dick (of Professor Peter and Doctor Dick) in Holland