I'll be using this page to post photos of various oddball ukes, oddball uke players (no such thing, right?) and anything else that strikes me as ODD in the world of the Jumping Flea
The Aero-Uke...
Ukulele Dick...
The Ukelin: untuneable, unplayable, and they breed like rabbits...
FREAK ? No offense intended... U. Dick is a gifted performer in the old tradition. Check him out on my LINKS page  (Click Here)
The Regal Jungle Uke...
Young Yoko with Uko...           OH NO !!!
AUGGGHHHH !!!!! - Can we go back up to Yoko ?
The Singing Treholipee...
A Rare Double-Neck Kook-a-la-lee
Photo: Frets.com
Photo: Frets.com
Photo: Frets.com
Photo: Frets.com
Photo: Frets.com
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Bill Griffith
Bill Griffith
The world has come a long way since then...
Cliff Edwards merchandise
Guess who...?
The Doll Family with their Turturro Turnover mando-ukes
Robert Armstrong's Yowl-A-Lele
Regal Mother-of-Toiletseat Concert Uke... (Mine is on the right)
The rare neon catfish
The Tenortrope by Dobro, endorsed by Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards
(actually a tenor banjo, not a uke... but it's Cliff!!!)
A Peanut Ukulele manufactured by N. Turturro, NYC
(This example distributed by Bruno)
(NOTE: Most of the photos on this page have been  borrowed from E-Bay ads, other web sites, etc.  If I have used one of your photos I will be glad to credit you, or remove the photo altogether... just drop me a message via the guestbook and I'll be happy to oblige)
1920's Stroviols Uke
Photos: Gryphon Stringed Instruments
What's it all about, Alfie???
This one came up on e-bay a while back...
(There's a ukulele in there somewhere)
Duane Heilman's extraordinary
"Picasso-Style Cubist Ukulele" (Black Bear Ukuleles)
This Beauty Started Life as A Lava Fluke...
Custom Artwork by Hubba of Seattle Tattoo Emporium
(A Christmas gift to Paul from his bride...  lucky man!)
(Thanks for the tip Soybean)
Another eBay Oddity
Oddities from the Ukulele Universe...