Those Fabulous Favillas
A pictorial tribute to Favilla string instruments
(and the family who built them)
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From Tom Favilla:  "A rare Favilla guitar built between 1890 and 1915 (I think closer to 1915).
The photos were sent to me by Tom Covello of Lexington, Kentucky. It was his great uncles guitar. In discussing it's origin we found that his great uncle was related to my grandmother. Funny how small the world is."
From Tom B.: "A circa 1910 Marca Aquila ukulele. Note the brass friction pegs (the holes are lined with brass sleeves, and the brass posts are pushed in and held with friction)."
NEWS: Our friend Tom Favilla has generously offered to field questions or comments regarding Favilla instruments. Tom may be contacted at:
From Thomas Favilla: A newly-restored 1921 Favilla Model A archtop played by brother-in-law Sal Celestino