A pictorial tribute to the Banjo-Uke...
The Holy Grail of Banjo-ukedom - The LUDWIG
Some of the many faces of Stromberg-Voisinet
The photos of this fine example of the Ludwig banjo-uke are used through the courtesy of John Croft, The Ukulele Man. Please visit his fine website by clicking on the photos below for more on Ludwig instruments as well as a wealth of information on ukuleles in general... You'll be glad you did!
(Photo: John Croft, The Ukulele Man)
(Photo: John Croft, The Ukulele Man)
(Photo: John Croft, The Ukulele Man)
(Photo: John Croft, The Ukulele Man)
(Photo: John Croft, The Ukulele Man)
(Photo: John Croft, The Ukulele Man)
(Photo: John Croft, The Ukulele Man)
The BRUNO banjo-uke... little-known, but really nice
(This one is mine.. now fully restored with flat-back resonator added.  I'll be posting other examples of Bruno instruments soon.)
Gibson Banjo-Ukuleles
2 more "Baby Gibsons"
Gibson UB-2
Gibson UB-3
Gibson UB Trapdoor
Photo: Gruhn Guitars
Photo: Gruhn Guitars
B & D Silver Bell No.2
My thanks to the eBay seller...
Sears Supertone
My thanks to the eBay seller...
1935 "Big"  Gibson UB-3
Photo: John Croft, The Ukulele Man
Gibson UB-1 (6" head)
"Baby Gibson" UB-1 previously owned and played by Tiny Tim
From the collection of
Chris Carlson
maddog's newly completed "bluegrass uke"
da dog's details:

"this may be a favilla mando pot...it has the rounded neck indent identical to the pix on favilla page one, but Tom couldn't verify for sure...da marquetry is almost 1/8" thick.....todays stuff is usualy 1/32". i didn't want to replate da hardware as i like keeping da funk as it was.

i goatskinned the head, made da neck by bookmatching rosewood slices, and did snakewood for da fretboard and head plate. i put a slice of palmwood under the head plate to give it a rope binding look, and since it is 17.5" scale, with worth CH-LG strings and a ko-olau gold low 'G' string, tuned gDGBD, i  inlayed a soprano uke. strings from Mike @ alternate tunings, plug, plug.....

i went with the G tuning because driving it up to C tuning really sinks da bridge low enough to lower the strings to lay on da first fret and i thought the goatskin would rip.

it took 6' of birdseye to get da good stuffs for da neck, the snakewood is waaaay spendy and really really hard to work, and as usual, carbon re-enforced neck and dowel-stick. the tailpeice is a Price straight line i modified.

da  biggest, most wunnnerful thing is da SOUND.....the wood archtop-goatskin-ukestring combo give it a wonderfull mellow thing that even banjo-haters will love."
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