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A Gallery of ukulele enthusiasts. UKE ON brothers and sisters!
Please submit your photos for our family album... the more, the better. E-mail your .jpg or .gif (along with whatever caption you may desire) to Catfish
Don P of the Fleastompers with lefty Kamaka and self-built bass
Tonya Dale of Paradise, CA with her uke and matching Reyn Spooner Shirt. How many people have a red uke and a red uke shirt???  If only I could play better...
Bruce E  -  A summer's day and a ukulele. Life is good!
Rik Palieri with an old Harmony uke on his last tour of Germany
Schmeckles and Silvertone, a classic combination
Steven Sproat
Bruce E. and participants at 2003
Ukulele Workshop, Midland, Michigan
Duke Malcopops just back from work with his hangover uke...
Live from New York, it's Songs From a Random House: John (drums), Alan (soprano uke), Gregor (viola), Steven (bari uke), and Jason (bass)
Azo Bell
The Old Spice Boys
the big men of small music
Ralph Shaw - King of the Ukulele!
The creator of the acclaimed teaching video:
The Complete Ukulele Course. Ralph is a British ukulele performer and uke teacher now living in Canada
Copyright N. Haley 1999
Sione 'Aleki from Tonga
at WOMAD '99 in New Zealand
(submitted by Azo Bell)
Taku beside the River Saraswati in the Himalayas with his pupukea