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A gallery of ukulele enthusiasts. UKE ON brothers and sisters!
Please submit your photos for our family album... the more, the better. E-mail your .jpg or .gif (along with whatever caption you may desire) to Catfish
Neville Peacock aka "Tonedeff" entertaining the customers at the Anglers Rest pub in England. "Put that Uke down an' gimme another drink!!"
Dominator and maddog at Hayward
From Alexander Grigoriev:
First time in live concert! Scheidenbach in St. Petersburg Variety Theatre
(Percussion solo)
Gerald Ross at the New York Ukefest April 2006
...and another photo from a second performance
Dominator takes the stage with Bryan Tolentino and the Side Order Band during the evening concert at DaSilva Ukulele Co. April 29, 2006
Toebone (Terry Tucker), Peter Mari and Tonya Dale at the Hayward Uke Fest April 30, 2006
"Seeing Arch Larizza's pic (Page 34) inspired me to send this one of mine (guess why), taken September 2004 during a street festival in Northcote, a Melbourne suburb. I was playing 'Cheek To Cheek' at the time".
From Bill Martino:
Catfish with the Glyph soprano he doesn't really deserve...
(Hats off to Dave Means)
Lind (like in wind) with my Barbershop Quartet, The "4T9r4".
"OK, which one of you guys hid my ukulele?"