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A gallery of ukulele enthusiasts. UKE ON brothers and sisters!
Please submit your photos for our family album... the more, the better. E-mail your .jpg or .gif (along with whatever caption you may desire) to Catfish
Tonya and Ken: Two ukulele players - and their personalized license plates - from Paradise (California)
Charles, our SUPA member from Paris, France. Here singing 'Autumn Leaves' in his native language, then following with 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' at SUPA picnic
Three new photos from robert wheeler
Ukulele Consciousness
DaSilva Ukulele Company, Berkeley, CA
the founder with one of Mike's ukes and his koa toilet paper holder. "While I have seen one other tone wood hand crafted toilet paper holder in my ukulele travels, rosewood or mahogany, at C.F. Martin in Nazareth, this is the first koa one I've seen.Uke is one of Mike's with dolphin sound holes."
"My beloved 4th wife with Mike as she consults about acquiring additional household ukuleles. We are getting two sopranos. One to match her birthday gift to me (love uke - spruce/koa - pic below), and one with a 100 (approximate) year old sunken (meaning the wood was recovered from under the water where it was lost about 100 years ago) redwood top and koa back and sides."
The founder's spruce/koa "love uke"
Steven Sproat with Gibson Style 3 uke
Ukie Yuk Yuk: Home grown in Manitoba Canada, the hotbed of Ukulele polka music and prairie socials, this group of eccentric musicians are funny, quirky and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! Weird people having a good time... how much more Canadian can you get!  Eh?
Don (dsr101):
"Here I am on the North Shore of Oahu (near the pipeline) with my Kelii concert uke I just bought looking for cloud 9"
Five new photos from the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz...
And in the Rio Theatre lobby - Burning Uke 3 - We're all ready for the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz Big Sur Campout October 28-30 - it's 12 feet tall!
And another view of the world's largest painted pineapple ukulele
The marquee of Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz - a proud and exciting moment for the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz coming up on September 23rd
Here's Andy Andrews with a Concert Sized Les Reitfors Pineapple for comparison
And here's Andy with Mihana and Bill Tapia after Bill's fabulous Santa Cruz Show on September 9th
Five photos from the Dustbin Threesome, Belgium
"We are the dustbin threesome from Belgium. We play traditionals, tin pan alley and western swing. Don't we just all love this little instrument. Dieter Verkest on the dustbin-bass, Robin Baelemans on drums, and Jan Vereecken on ukulele, Yannick Van Loo on guitar and vocals. Those pictures were taken at the "International Festival of Laughter" (International Lachfestival) in Houthalen, Belgium."