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A gallery of ukulele enthusiasts. UKE ON brothers and sisters!
Blue Hair Bob
LSW and Diesel
Patsy Monteleone
Craig Robertson with a Kamaka and the inevitable (although red) Hawaiian shirt
Dave Means...  Sailin' and Strummin' my Tenor with the MUA
Griffis Hames
TRS (Tom Steele) and Flamingo
Rainer Busch
Photo: Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum
robert - founder,
Ukulele Consciousness

... the two sunburst ukes on the wall are by Mike Longworth
Catfish with his ever-faithful Regal Concert Uke
Tiki King
The royal family at the Hayward Uke Festival
Howlin' Hobbit performing with the Emerald City Jug Band, Nov. 9, 2002 at the ArtsWest Playhouse in Seattle, Washington, USA
Jesse Venable Nanuke_of_the_North
at home with Lehua Tenor
D.U.H. (Dallas Ukulele Headquarters) at the Corinthians Sailing Club on Dallas' White Rock Lake (some members absent)
Please submit your photos for our family album... the more, the better. E-mail your .jpg or .gif (along with whatever caption you may desire) to Catfish
Mike Longworth