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A gallery of ukulele enthusiasts. UKE ON brothers and sisters!
Please submit your photos for our family album... the more, the better. E-mail your .jpg or .gif (along with whatever caption you may desire) to Catfish
Rick Cota with his world travelled Applause
Casey Morgan and his Soprano and Concert of African Mahogany (Scrap Woods)
"This year I built this soprano using wood from a wine crate. I call it Chateau d'Uke"
Lewis Shepard, Worcester, MA
The Ukulele Ladies and Gents of San Antonio at the Arneson River Theatre
May 2004
October 3rd Meeting of the Windy City Uke Club in Illinois
"Look at those smiling faces! What a good time we had!!!"
"Here are some pictures from our recently ended Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz Big Sur Weekend aka "Burning Uke II" - We had about 50 Ukulele campers and all played ukes and sang and ate and drank late into the Big Sur night both Friday and Saturday - with the Saturday night finale being the burning of the fairly famous (?) Twelve Foot Ukulele created for UkeFest West - "bashes to ashes" we called it - We then played that sweet ukulele music for 3 more hours and into Sunday morning! Our Burning Uke dates for next year are Sep 23-25 2005."
Five New Pictures of the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz "Burning Uke II"
Submitted by Andy Andrews
Andy Andrews, co-founder of the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz placing the UkeFest West twelve foot ukulele on the pyre for burning!
Geno Galli and Andy Andrews lead the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz in our theme song "Under the Boardwalk" at "Burning Uke II"
We bring our own street signs so we always know where we are - at the intersection of Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz Blvd and Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz Highway!
One of the two fabulous Play-a-longs - well over 100 songs were played out of our newest Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz song collection!
Sunday morning and we're still at it - We surfed and ate (and drank) and played that fine fine music all weekend long!
The Windy City Islanders performing at the world famous Trader Vic's in Chicago
Petty and Booka visited the Ukulele Museum at KIWAYA Ukulele Shop in Asakusa Tokyo
UOGB, Petty Booka, and Japanese uke fans in Tokyo. They all came to the show with their ukes!