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A gallery of ukulele enthusiasts. UKE ON brothers and sisters!
Please submit your photos for our family album... the more, the better. E-mail your .jpg or .gif (along with whatever caption you may desire) to Catfish
UkeFest West 2004 photos submitted by Tom B.:
An impromptu jam session inspired a hula dancer
Living Ukulele Legend Bill Tapia
The crowd at the Cocoanut Grove
Joel Eckhaus demonstrates two of Roy Smeck's stage tricks
Joyce leads the jam session
James Hill dazzled the crowd with his blazing-fast playing
Liz and Jim Beloff, and Lyle Ritz
John King demonstrates the campanella style of uke playing
Songs From a Random House
Larry D.'s singing brought the crowd to its feet
Michelle Kiba
Photos of the reception (Picture shows James Hill, Wendy from the Vancouver Ukulele Circle, Liz Beloff and Ralph Shaw).
Some of the 300 ukes on display at the reception
Ralph Shaw shows off his George Formby Technique
Ian Whitcomb and Ralph Shaw
The Side Order Band
Ian Whitcomb mans the accordion as Janet Klein turns up the heat
The Yes Yes Boys, featuring Del Ray on the uke
The Yes Yes Boys give a sidewalk performance after the Fest
Ian and Regina Whitcomb perform during his workshop
Lyle's Uke
Byron Yasui, Bill Tapia and Lyle Ritz
Ian Whitcomb, Janet Klein and the Parlor Boys with Tom Marion on guitar
...and one from Dave Wasser:
Here's a picture of the Bag End Boys kicking off the "Night Owl" set at Uke Fest West (Fatty Bolger on left, Ol' Toby Took on the right)