A Tribute to the Stogie Stradivarius
The EARNEST INSTRUMENTS Ceegar Box and Hootchulele by Joel Eckhaus
A hand-built Cigar Box Uke by Wayne Jiang
Uncle Jake's Cigar Box Ukulele by THIRD WAVE
A Cigar Box Ukulele by Samuel Kamaka
A Black Bear Cigar Box Ukulele by Duane Heilman
A Glyph Cigar Box by Dave Means
A New Beauty by Bob Graham...
The Details...

All found items except the $10 Ping tuners and the Aquila strings. The neck is beech, lacquered black, with an acacia fret board. The profile of the neck duplicates a favorite fancy early Kaholas & Co. koa uke.

The bar frets I made from a strip of white brass found in the street.

The bottom (now top) is very fine-grained Sp. cedar. It was re-thicknessed to just over 1/16" and braced.

The rest of the box was left as-is with the brands and hardware in place - just sealed. The fancy Jose Escalante label shows through the sound hole.

And it plays and sounds super!"