...a work in progress by Dave Means -  PAGE THREE
The Glyph "Catfish Special"
29. Fretboard after sanding inlays flush
30. The body, ready to start binding
31. The neck, after carving and rough-sanding 
32. Binding the top (including dummy teflon purfling strip that will later be pulled out to create a channel for the abalone)
33. Fitting the neck to the body
34. Gluing on the fretboard
35. Gluing on the headstock overlay
36. Inlaying the abalone purfling
37. The body and neck after one wiped coat of shellac to reveal spots requiring more sanding
38. another view...
39. A closer view of the rosette
40. French polishing in progress
And the finished product...
41. After mounting the neck
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