...a work in progress by Dave Means -  PAGE TWO
The Glyph "Catfish Special"
13. Ramping the back braces
14.  The finished back
15.  Drilling the hole in the heel for the neck attachment barrel nut 
16.  Cutting the slot for the carbon fiber reinforcement rod
17.  Threading the hole for the titanium neck attachment bolt
18.  Epoxying in the barrel nut and reinforcing rod
19.  Inlaying the rosette
20.  Cutting out the soundhole
21.  Gluing in the soundboard braces and bridge patch
22.  Ramping the soundboard braces
23.  The finished soundboard
24.  Gluing in the top linings
...more photos as things develop...
25.  Gluing on the top
26.  Slotting the fretboard
27.  Laying out the fretboard inlays
28.  Routing the inlay cavities
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