...a work in progress by Dave Means -  PAGE ONE
The Glyph "Catfish Special"
1.  Roughing out the plate profile
2.  Spraying the sides with water prior to bending
3.  Opening up the bender after cooking
4.  Removing the bent sides
5.  Sides clamped in the mold awaiting trimming
6.  Gluing in the neck and tail blocks
7.  The two plates after thickness sanding... nice color, striping and curl
8.  Gluing in the ebony end graft
9.  Roughing out the neck blank
10.  Gluing in the back linings
11.  Sanding the sides and linings in a sanding dish to match the domed back
12.  Clamping the back braces in the go-bar deck
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